Walking Animation with Mine-imator

How to make a walking animation with Mine-imator

Mine-imator is a free Minecraft universe animation software. It was designed specifically to make Minecraft animations and is easier to use than other programs. In this second tutorial of the Minecraft Animation Maker series, you will use keyframes to make a walking animation. You can review the basic concepts in the first tutorial Here.

First you will use the 'Create Walking Animation' button to automatically add all the keyframes between the starting and final position of your character. Then you will modify the keyframes properties to get a more realistic result.

Starting position

Starting Position

Create a new project, add a character and move the work camera to a side view like in the picture above. Click on the character line to add a keyframe at 0 for his starting position.

Final position

Final position

Add a keyframe at 80 for his ending position. Left-click and hold the red arrow to move the character to the right of the screen.

Add a walking animation

Walking animation

Click twice on the keyframe 0. Check that the keyframe is highlighted in white and click on the button 'Create a walking animation to the next keyframe' at the bottom of the screen.

Click on the arrow before 'Human' (just below 'Timeline') to expand body parts lines. You can see all the keyframes automatically added by the 'Create a walking animation' button.

Test your walking animation

Test your walking animation

Click 'Repeat' to switch to repeat mode and click 'Play' to test your animation. The result is good but the character doesn't bend his arms and legs.

Modify bend properties values for the left and right legs

Bend legs

For the left and right legs, select all the keyframes between 0 and 80. You can use the mouse to draw a selection rectangle around the keyframes or click each keyframe while pressing the shift key. Check that all the keyframes (not less and not more) are highlighted in white. Change the bend value to 20 in the frame window.

TIPS: In case of mistakes, use 'Ctrl + Z' shortcut to cancel the lastest action (you can also use the 'Undo' button (near 'Play').

Modify bend properties values for the left and right arms

Bend arms

Scroll down to the arms lines. For the left and right arms, select all the keyframes between the keyframes 0 and 80. Change the bend value to 20 in the frame window. And That's it. Test your animation, your character is now walking in a more realistic way.