First Animation with Mine-imator

How to make a Minecraft animation with Mine-imator

Mine-imator is a free Minecraft universe animation software. It was designed specifically to make Minecraft animations and is easier to use than other programs.

In this first tutorial of the Minecraft Animation Maker series, you will learn the basic concepts to make your first animation with Mine-imator. First you will download the program from a secure link. Then you will create a new project, add a character, use keyframes and create an impressive running animation. Finally, you will export your work to an mp4 file.

Download the program

Download Mine-imator

You can download Mine-imator at the official website:

Create your animation

Add a new project

When you launch the program, select 'New project' at the startup screen.

Enter a name and click 'Create'.

Add a character to your animation

Add a character

To add a new character you have to click on the top left button to open the workbench, click on the player (by default, a human is selected with the Minecraft skin) and then click 'Create'.

Move the work camera view

Move work camera

You can left-click to rotate the camera around the character or right-click and hold to look at what you want and you zoom out with the mouse wheel. You can also right-click and hold while pressing the keys you use to move in the Minecraft game (Q, E, A, D, W, S).

Now, move the work camera to be in front of the character but not too close like in the picture above.

Give the character keyframes

Give keyframes

On the bottom you have your timeline. Since you've added a character, you see under the timeline a line for the character (Human). In order to start animating your character, you have to give him keyframes.

Click on the character line to give him a keyframe at 0 for his starting position. Then click on the keyframe at 40 for his ending position. On your right, the 'Frame 40 for Human' properties window is displayed.

Move the character

Move character

Check that the keyframe 40 is selected then left-click and hold the red arrow to move the character to the left of the screen. The red, yellow and blue arrows allow you to move the character in any directions (x, y, z axes).

Now your character is on the left side like in the picture above. It's time to focus on the transition between these two keyframes.

Create a running animation

Running animation

Now click twice on the keyframe 0. Check that the keyframe is highlighted in white and click on the button 'Create a running animation to the next keyframe' at the bottom of the screen.

Test your animation

Test your animation

'Save' your current project then click 'Stop' to come back at the starting point and 'Play' to test your animation.

And That's it. Your character is running in a very realistic way.

Export your movie

Export your movie

Finally, you can export your movie to an mp4 file.

Upgrade to full version

The program is free. But if you want to remove the watermark on your animation, you can donate here: any amount like a dollar and get the serial key to upgrade to the full version. You can also get the serial key for free and decide to donate later if you are satisfied with the program.